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Corso Umberto 470, Giardini Naxos, 98035, Sicily
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The natural cuisine of Palladio: a journey through the many flavours of Sicily


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Discover the wealth of the sea of Sicily

Our sea is home to a wide variety of fish, crustaceans and fine shellfishes: you can try always new flavours because every morning we buy only the best locally caught fish of the day and never farmed or imported fishes

The wine of Palladio: a sample of the best Sicilian wines: from the Etna wine (where, thanks to the changes in climate it is possible to produce wines with unique characteristics) to the organic legal wine produced in the land of Corleone confiscated by the Government from the Mafia

Some of our suppliers of products that are good and right
The Sicilian Slow Food presidia: we buy many of our ingredients such as the beans “badda” from Polizzi Generosa, the almonds from Noto, the honey of the Sicilian black bee, the pistachios from Bronte, the “masculini di magghia” (anchovy), the salt from Trapani, the Cuddrireddra di Delia (an ancient recipe for a Sicilian bisquit) directly from the Slow Food presidia, who chose to preserve processings and types of excellent products that have been at risk of extinction.

The association Libera Terra, whose cooperatives farm, following the rules of organic farming, the lands that the Government has confiscated from the Mafia: from them we buy wine, pasta, dried vegetables, conserves.

The Fair Trade: for a breakfast which is at the same time healthy and fair and for our cakes it gives us a wide selection of teas and herbal teas, chocolate and cocoa, muesli, cane sugar, chocolate cream with hazel-nut and cashew nuts, barley, Arabic coffee, etc.....

The women cuisine:  between tradition and change, a simple and healthy homemade cuisine


The food we offer both for breakfast and at the restaurant and bar is very important to us: in our kitchen there is no trace of surrogates, frozen or pre-cooked food, of those industrial compounds which nowadays are unfortunately so common.

Our lady cooks, each with our own recipes and those of our mothers and grandmothers, cook everything at home, old style, with the best raw materials produced artigianally in Sicily, preferably organic, exclusively fresh and seasonal.


Our cuisine is rooted in the territory, inspired by the extraordinary quality of the fish of our sea and the local typical agricultural products.

We cook following and recreating (to make them more fresh and lighter) to the old recipes from the very rich culinary traditions of Sicily, crossed and made up of multiple influences (Greek, Arab, Swabian, Norman, Spanish and French).


Sicily in the fruits of the earth and memory

old varieties of vegetables and fruits grown on the incomparable soil of Etna, on the plains of Syracuse, in the hills of the Nebrodi or of the Madonie, like the peaches from Mojo, the string beans from Mascali, the pistachio from Bronte, the strawberries from Maletto, the tomatoes and melons from Pachino and the almonds from Noto, and then niche products prepared by local artisans with traditional techniques like the salami Sant'Angelo from Brolo, the sun-dried cherry tomatoes, the marmalade, the chocolate from Modica, the honey of the black bee, the provola cheese from Nebrodi, the ricotta cheese, fresh, salted or baked...

Breakfast: sweet and savory delicacies

It is a buffet served from 7.30am to 10.00am on the veranda overlooking the sea and Taormina. In the buffet you will find home-made cakes different every day, cheese and typical cold cuts, omelettes and quiches, fresh juices of red-oranges or grapefruit, a wide variety of organic jam and marmalade (bergamot, tangerine, oranges, red oranges, sour oranges, pink grapefruit, mulberries, blackberries, figs, prickly pears, quince etc..), honey from Etna, our fruit, besides yogurt, various kinds of bread, croissants, etc.....

The bar: the cocktails of fresh fruit, parfaits and homemade granita

open from April to September, from 7.30am to 11.00pm on the garden terrace up on the fourth floor. You can watch the changing colours of the sea tasting our specialties: the cappuccino made with almond milk, the parfaits made with pistachio from Bronte, with blackberries, with the almonds from Noto, with hazelnut and coffee. Every night starting at 7.00pm aperitif with Sicilian appetizers and our cocktails with fruit, freshly squeezed tangerines, red oranges or almond milk and a choice of the best Sicilian wines.

The restaurant: Sicily on the table

open from April to September: you can have lunch or have hot and cold dishes served no-stop from midday to 6pm, while dinner is served from 8pm till 9.30pm. Each morning we present two new tasting menus and various dishes of the day and according to the requests of guests we go shopping: this is the way we chose to guarantee excellent products always fresh at reasonable prices, avoiding waste and recycle.

Our lady cooks can prepare particular dishes on request or customized menus and they are always available to prepare special dishes for children.

Confectionery of the tradition: all homemade, from cakes, pies and pancakes for breakfast to the cassate, cheesecake, chocolate cakes, almond and pistachio from Bronte parfaits for the bar and restaurant

Our dishes: the old and healthy recipes of the varied Sicilian cuisine in the  ŗ la carte mený or in half board mený. The simple cooking of the fishermen, the endless variations of vegetarian dishes of the farmer cooking, the cooking of the convents with their skilful use of herbs and fine patisserie, the tasty road cooking with arancini and schiacciate and the sumptuous cooking art of the Sicilian aristocracy.

The bar menu: for the transparency of the rates, all the prices for our drinks and the ingredients of our cocktails.

The menu for children. We take great care of the young ones: our lady cooks are always available, no-stop, to prepare baby food, snacks and meals on request according to the tastes of your children and taking into account any eventual allergy.

The special offers only available booking from this site:  without intermediaries we are able to guarantee our lowest prices:

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